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Anne-Marie Faiola, CEO of Brambleberry 2009 Nellie Cashman “Woman Business Owner of the Year”Shandel Slaten, CEO of True Life Coaching 2009 Target Training International “Coach of the Year”
Molly Wilmot, CEO of Mostly Muffins Launching her new brand PINKS this month!

Anne-Marie Faiola, CEO of Brambleberry

Anne-Marie Failoa quit her job as a correctional officer at the age of 20 and started a business on a lark. Today, Bramble Berry Inc. has 12 years of steady growth and profitability. She has expanded her business to include a retail store, a mold manufacturing facility, a busy blog and a YouTube channel. Anne-Marie will share her story and lessons learned along the way from accidental entrepreneur to Nellie Cashman Women Business Owner of the Year for 2009. Join us as popular speaker Anne-Marie wows us with her business savvy and candor.

Anne-Marie Faiola is CEO and Founder of Bramble Berry Inc. “A good business,” she says, “comes from finding something that works and capitalizing on it.” For Anne-Marie, that something came from making soap, a business concept she started as a hobby and then turned into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

As a teenager, Anne-Marie learned how to be business savvy from her father, a doctor who also ran a network of clinics and who encouraged her to find her own business opportunities. Taking her father’s advice, Anne-Marie started making personalized soaps to sell to friends and family. Years later, after pursuing a career as a correctional officer and about to apply to the FBI, Anne-Marie realized that her true passion was business and decided to become an entrepreneur. Determined to start her own company that would provide the highest quality products and ingredients for soap making, Anne-Marie left the criminal justice system and founded Bramble Berry Inc. in her living room. Desiring formal business training, she went back to school and received her MBA in 2007 while running her rapidly growing company.

Today, with over 2500 products, Bramble Berry has a customer base that extends across the country. In addition to soap, Anne-Marie now offers supplies to make candles, lotions, exfoliants, lip balms, and mineral based cosmetics. Otion, Bramble Berry’s retail component in Bellingham, Washington, offers workshops so customers can learn the latest project ideas and techniques. For those looking to expand their skill sets, Anne-Marie also built the website Her most recent project is Soap Queen TV ( where Anne-Marie is featured in free weekly episodes demonstrating melt & pour soapmaking techniques. She also maintains direct communication with her clients through her daily blog,

With new products added frequently as well as plans to expand the Otion store, clearly this is only the beginning for Anne-Marie.

“Success doesn’t happen overnight,” she says. “It’s about replicating small victories everyday.”

Bramble Berry Inc. provides the highest quality ingredients for making personalized soaps, as well as candles, bath and body essentials, and cosmetics. With over 2500 products and priding itself on offering the highest level of customer service, it’s no wonder that Bramble Berry, <> , is one of the leading craft suppliers in the United States.

Shandel Slaten, MCC – CEO of True Life Coaching

Shandel Slaten, MCC is an executive coach with a proven track record of assisting business professionals realize their personal and professional goals. She is the CEO and founder of True Life Coaching, Inc. She has worked with all types of business professionals from entrepreneurs to employees of Fortune 500 firms.

For over a decade, Shandel has coached entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and business owners toward defining and executing their mission, strengthening their communication, and upgrading their personal operating system. Clients learn skills that stretch beyond the office walls to bring fulfillment and success to all areas of life. She believes that seeking clarity on the right thing the right way while staying focused on relationships leads to faster growth that breeds long-lasting results.

Inside the corporate walls, Shandel specializes in assisting the executive to first lead with awareness and integrity.  Followed by developing high performance teams who are ready to improve communication, build trust, and optimize relationships.  Leaders of teams are never disappointed with the ROI of the time invested and the teams reap rewards not only in the initial team building exercise, but the long term payoff in the bottom line results.

Shandel is a Master Certified Coach who holds a Summa Cum Laude degree in Psychology.  She is a Coach University Graduate and holds certifications in Behavior Analysis, Professional Values Analyst, and Attribute Index Analysis. She is affiliated with the National Speakers’ Association, International Coaching Federation, The Graduate School of Coaching, Target Training International, and the Young Entrepreneur’s Organization.   As an author, speaker, and coach, Shandel has many tools to assist and equip you with principles and concepts that can take you and your goals and dreams to the next level.

Molly Wilmot, CEO of PINKS Original Bakery / Mostly Muffins

Many people would assume that a lot has changed for Molly Wilmot over the past 22 years since baking her first muffin in the basement of a church in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. But if you ask Molly – not much has really changed. Today, her universe might be a little bigger (with several hundred accounts and counting), and she has a few more details to sort through (with a few dozen types of pastries and baked goods). And now, she has a couple more people to help with the baking (like 100), and a few more people that eat her pastries every day (okay, make that thousands). But Molly remains true to her origins – baking the highest quality, most flavorful pastries and using only local ingredients whenever possible – from eggs to milk to fruit to flour. Today, she sets out each day to showcase her bakery’s products through innovation, community, cause and downright fun.

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  1. February 5, 2010 5:38 am

    Shandel, this is going to be an influential event. Congrats on taking a risk to make it happen!

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